Completed Projects
  1. Installation of 4 pole lights with two 400W light at each pole in an area of 22 500 Sqm – Joe Morolong Municipality.
  2. Installation of 8 high mast lights at 4 villages around Kuruman – Namely; Kagung, Gasehubane, Gantatelang and Thamoyanche.
  3. Repair and maintenance work of high mast lights at Batlharos, Maruping, Vergenoeg and Mothibistad.
  4. Electrical Installation of ablutions container at Bothithong Village- Public works Mothibistad
  5. Electrical Installation of Public works building at Mothibistad
  6. Repair and Isuing of Certificate of complince at four schools around Kuruman- Namely Batlharo tlhaping, Galaletsang and Wrenchville high schools.
  7. Electrical Installation of speedspace ablution containers at Kolomela Mine – Postman.
  8. Electrical installation of Sisheng /Mapoteng Library and chreche.
  9. Reinstallation of 400m cable rack at the Jig plant at Sishen mine.
  10. Installation of 11Kv minisub with devil fork fencing and roofing at Mamatwane mine – South32.
  11. Installation of Tail end pull switches on 25 Conveyor belts – Sishen Mine.
Future Clients and projects.
  1. Electrification of houses and line construction – Eskom
  2. Professional electrical service – Khumane Mine
  3. Gauteng Branch – smokey electrical